NetVu ObserVer  v.1.16.3

Dedicated Micros offers the free, downloadable, NetVu ObserVer software in support of its NetVu Connected family of DVRs.

DVArchive  v.3 1

DVArchive allows you to archive shows from networked DVRs (i.e. ReplayTV 4000 & 4500) to a computer and then serve those archived programs back up to be played on your ReplayTV (or another DVArchive enabled computer).


TiVo HME Quick Start  v.

HME is TiVo's powerful new open platform for applications that are displayed and controlled by broadband-connected TiVo Series2 DVRs.

NetVu Health Monitor  v.1.1.381 beta

Health Monitor monitors the performance and operability of Multiple NetVu Connected DVRs.

Alien DVR Player  v.4 8

The Alien range of DVRs are supplied with client software. The older machines have IPPowerVision while are newer models are supplied with CCTVWindow client software. Player only software for your PC.

MReplay  v.0.69h

mReplay is a native Mac OS X client for ReplayTV and Showstopper DVRs (Digital Video Recorders).

Foxreal HD Video Converter for Mac  v.V

Foxreal HD Video Converter for Mac supports to compress/convert MXF/TiVo/EVO/M2TS/QT to Apple ProRes/HD MP4/QuickTime/iPad/iPhone 4/Final Cut Pro, etc.

DS ControlPoint  v.7. 2. 1930

DS ControlPoint is a powerful graphical user interface that allows users to monitor any combination of analog and IP devices through a single interface.

MyNVR  v.2 17

myNVR is a remote management software for standalone network DVR series. Users can actually set up an entry level IP surveillance system with myNVR.

PRO Command Playback  v.

Image Vault PRO-Command is Image Vault's top-of-the-line DVR technology. It replaces the former Image Vault PRO family. To help distinguish the newer technology, Image Vault has started its version numbering for PRO-Command at Version 9.

Sentry24CMS  v.2 1

The CMS software offers users the most compelling remote monitoring solution available in the modern IP-Surveillance security market.

ATVision Pro  v.2. 3. 2008

ATVision Pro™ is new remote management software program from ATV. It controls all ATV HDR and new VLDVR system management, video monitoring, video recording and image playback of multiple remote sites.

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